Say NO to Racism – Demand jobs, homes and services for ALL

We condemn racism
Say no to racism – demand jobs, homes and services for all

Tamil Solidarity

We are greatly alarmed by the increase in racism that has taken place recently and condemn all racist attacks.

We urge everyone not to buy into the false propaganda of the right-wing parties such as UKIP or any far-right organisations which have racism at their core.

We stand for the rights of immigrants for decent job and the rights of all refugees. We strongly condemn the demonisation of refugees fleeing horrible war by the far-right parties for their own political ends.

We also condemn the whipping up of this racism and division by the major pro-austerity political parties – the Tories and some right-wing anti-Corbyn Labour MPs. David Cameron outragelously referred to people at Calais fleeing war as a ‘swarm’, made racist comments during the London election and has spent the entire EU referendum arguing for the cutting of migrant workers’ rights and limits to immigration. It is his government’s policies that cause the problems people face – not migrant workers or refugees.

He has been a government of the very rich for the very rich. He bails out the bankers with public funds while telling us to blame immigrants for the lack of investment in affordable and secure housing and public services and jobs.
We also condemn the BBC and the big business-owned media for giving proportionally higher coverage to the false propaganda and lies that contribute to the rise in racial tensions.

We stand firmly in solidarity with migrants working in Britain who are from Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia and across the world. We will defend their right to remain. We stand for the right to asylum and the closing down of detention centres.

We demand further investment in services, protection of our jobs, building of new homes, and control of rents which are rapidly rising beyond working people’s reach. These are the key concerns of working people in Britain that the political caste continues to have no solutions fuelling divisions.

The entire right-wing political establishment is in disarray as they are fighting for power, positions and control but have no solutions to the problems faced by ordinary people and cannot offer a positive.

We strongly oppose their attempts to both stir up racism and vilify working people as part of their game. We support Jeremy Corbyn in the fight for an alternative that includes preparing for a general election with a clear anti-austerity, anti-racist programme – opposition to all cuts, £10 an hour minimum wage, mass council housing building and renationalisation.