Some of our Key demands

1. An independent war crimes investigation
2. Withdraw the troops!
3. No to detention camps!
4. Stop Arming Sri Lankan regime!
5. Democratic rights for all!
6. Support independent trade unions!
7. Defend the right to self-determination!

In the aftermath of the genocidal slaughter committed by the previous Sri Lankan regime, numerous Tamil youth and political activists and journalists were arrested and held in various camps, detention centres and secret prisons, without charge and without any account of them being held by the government authorities. It is absolutely disgusting to see that the current government declared that most of them are dead, without any remorse, or sense of responsibility to investigate if such horrendous killings took place. Though many have been killed by the government authorities during their torture, Tamil Solidarity believes that many are still alive in various prisons. Please support our demand for justice to political prisoners.

For more details in English and Tamil please click here 

Please Sign the Petition below. And let us know in what way you can help towards this campaign

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  • We are collecting signatures from everyone who agree with this campaign. Please sign our petition to support this campaign.
  • We are also asking various human rights groups and trade unions to support this campaign.
  • We will continue pressure the Sri Lankan government to release all political prisoners and shut down all detention camps. The petition you sing will automatically send a protest mail to Sri Lankan government.
  • We will inform you about further actions regarding this campaign.

Here are the leaflet and petitions – Please download them and use it to campaign. Please also let us know about it.

Raise the Minimum wage to a real Living wage of £15 an hour immediately. Abolish all discrimination against young workers by ending the lower rates of pay for those under 25, under 21 and under 18 years old.

Why is this important?

Millions of workers can no longer afford to live. Low wages and insecure work are increasingly becoming the standard employment practices of big business.

Even workers who are working 40 hours plus a week are finding it increasingly difficult, to feed & clothe their families, find affordable quality housing, and heat their homes.

Never mind finding the time and money to enjoy the right to a holiday or quality time with friends and family.

That’s NOT right.

For too long Big business has enjoyed tax-payer funded subsidies paid to workers in the form of tax credits, housing benefit and other in-work benefits, because of these employers paying poverty wages. Yet they still rake in huge profit for shareholders.

That’s NOT right.

Lifting the minimum wage to £15 an hour will have huge benefits for each and every minimum wage worker, and the wider community.

£15 will lift millions of families out of poverty.
£15 will create millions in tax revenue which can be spent on vital public resources.
£15 will ensure billions of pounds remain in our local economies rather than taken out in profit.
£15 will make sure that multi-billion pound corporations no longer cheat the tax payer, cheat the worker and cheat the communities they operate in.

  • Youth Fight for Jobs
  • Tamil Solidarity work with group of Refugees/ Asylum seekers to defend the fundamental rights.

    Please visit the website for more details>> Refugee Rights 

     Trade union Motion
     General Leaflet
     Standing Order Form

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