Support Kumaran Bose and Come to the NSSN conference this Saturday

Tamil Solidarity joins the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) and USDAW trade union in organising a protest yesterday outside Tesco to protest to reinstate Kumaran Bose. Kumaran was sacked from Samworth Brothers for speaking out against the new contract of cuts in wages and for standing up for his and his colleague’s right. He has been victimised for unionising his work place.

We demand:

  1. The immediate reinstatement of Kumaran Bose with full rights
    2. Recognition of the BFAWU trade union at Samworth Brothers
    3. Reinstatement of paid breaks, premium rates and any benefits cut to make workers’ pay introduced alongside the so-called ‘living wage’

Sing the petition here:

TSC Kumaran


‪#‎NSSN‬ chair Rob Williams supporting Kumaran Bose and BFAWU ahead of his appeal against sacking by Samworths

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Kumaran Bose amongst other trade unionist will be speaking at the NSSN conference this Saturday. We urge everyone to come to this important conference – Saturday July 2nd in Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL – 11am-4.30pm. Registration starts at 10am.

The NSSN conference is happening at a crucial state in the workers struggle against austerity and cuts. David Cameron, one of the most hated politicians, has resigned from the Conservative party following a working class revolt against the EU establishment. Ordinary people have expressed their anger at the conditions they are forced to live in by voting to leave the EU, an institution that is further encouraging austerity and one that serves the interest of the big bosses.

Workers across all sections have been involved in a series of disputes against the government for cutting wages and conditions, they have been fighting against including low pay, zero-hour contract, high rents, restrain on jobs and services. Junior Doctors are fighting against the unfair and unsafe contract and through their fightback forced the government to come to the negotiating table. They have now taken a ballot on whether to accept the new deal – the result of which to come out on the 1st July.

At the same time, 92% of teachers have voted in favour of striking back against cuts to education. The National Union of Teachers confirms that the first day of the strike action will take place on the 5th July.

Workers are coming together to say enough is enough and to fight for better wages and conditions to all. The NSSN conference is a really good opportunity for the rank-and file trade unionist to come together and discuss how to link all these struggles and build a workers movement together.

Tamil Solidarity supports all these workers and it’s the only campaign amongst the Tamil community that links the Tamil struggle with the workers movement. Tamil Solidarity will be speaking at the rally in the conference amongst the leaders of all the main trade unions including Ronnie Draper BFAWU General Secretary, Janice Godrich PCS President, Chris Baugh PCS Assistant General Secretary, Sean Hoyle RMT President, Steve Gillan POA General Secretary, Matt Wrack FBU General Secretary and Yannis Gourtsoyannis BMA junior doctors committee national executive and striking French worker Yann Venier.

This conference is open to all trade unionists and anti-cuts campaigners to discuss how we fight back together. It costs £6 to attend. If you want to book your place in advance, email your details to To pay in advance, make a cheque out to ‘National Shop Stewards Network’ or ‘NSSN’ and send to NSSN, PO Box 54498, London E10 9DE.

Facebook event –

Contact Tamil Solidarity for further details.