Tamil Solidarity sends its support to Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn, a long standing supporter of Tamil Solidarity and a campaigner for Tamil struggle, is under attack by the right-wing of the Labour Party. We condemn this right wing coup against him. We send our solidarity and support to him.

Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as the leader of the Labour Party by a huge mandate in support for the policies he stood for – against the austerity and big business and for the interest of the working people.

He has stood alongside the Tamils in the struggle for their rights and spoke against the brutality of the Sri Lankan government. He also marched and protested alongside hundreds of Tamils in London in May 2009 at the final stage of the war.

In the meeting organised by Tamil’s for Labour he demanded that justice should immediately be given for the victims of the war. This was in response to a statement that Hilary Benn made at the same meeting -saying that sometime justice has to wait.

Hilary Benn and the other right-wing in the Labour Party have been planning to get rid of Corbyn since he became the leader. They do not agree on the policies he stood but instead wants to carry through the policies of the current Tory government.

Tamil Solidarity sends its support for Corbyn and urges all those that can to attend the protest organised today #KeepCorbyn by the parliament square at 6pm.