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Tamil Solidarity, formerly Stop the Slaughter of Tamils (SST), was set up in response to the terrible slaughter of thousands of Tamil people, the siege in Sri Lanka’s north-eastern coastal strip, the lack of medical aid, nutrition, water and sanitation. Hundreds of thousands of people have been caught in this trap.

The first meeting of SST was held in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, in early-March 2009, bringing together Sri Lankan and Indian Tamils, trade union organisers, journalists, as well as Sinhala activists who totally oppose the brutal sectarian politics of the Rajapakse government. That was followed by a public meeting of 600 people which included a statement from Arundhati Roy, the Booker Prize winning Indian author.

The call was put out to spread this campaign around the world and on 21 March SST held its first meeting in Britain. An international day of action was organised to highlight the Indian government’s military aid to Sri Lanka and its big-business exploitation of the Sri Lankan economy – with protests at Indian embassies in Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Israel, India and many other countries. Since then this campaign organised several protests, meetings, debate at universities etc.

Around the world the Tamil Diaspora responded to the slaughter of Tamil-speaking people with a ferocious and courageous protest movement. Tamil Solidarity has supported these protests from the start and continues to do so. We aim to build support and solidarity in every community, trade union and other areas.
Please join our campaign and help to build Tamil Solidarity. Please consider making a regular donation via the standing order form to ensure that we have the resources to produce leaflets and to organise protests and meetings. This is essential to keep the plight of the Tamil-speaking people in Sri Lanka on the radar, and to make it clear that, while the UK government and other western governments have turned a blind eye, ordinary people – workers and young people, stand in solidarity and demand rights for the oppressed people.

Please read our platform of demands on which we stand and see our website for regular updates.

If you like to be a member of this campaign please E-mail us on : or call us on 07908050217
alternatively you can join using our online form.

As a member you will receive regular newsletters. Please encourage others to join the campaign. If you would like help or advice with organising local meetings, protests or fundraisers please do not hesitate to get in touch.


We look forward to hearing from you,
Tamil solidarity

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