Solidarity with Bakers union

The President of the Bakers and food allied workers union, Ian Hodson threatened to be expelled from Labour party.

Ian is a long-standing supporter of Tamil solidarity and has raised his voice on various issues that Tamil solidarity has campaigned for. In particular, TS has been actively involved in the unjust detention and deportation of asylum seekers.

We also work closely with the Bakers union with our join the union campaign and helping to unionise Tamil workers. A big number of Tamil workers work in hospitality and Bakers union, Ian and other union representatives had given support to organise these workers.

Tamil solidarity condemns the action of the Labour party in expelling left activists, trade unionists and socialists. Removing Working-class fighters from the party shows the direction in which the Labour party is moving. It is increasingly clear that the Labour party is not the party for the working class and young people.

We make it quite clear that an attack on a working-class representative will affect ethnic minority communities. Tamil Solidarity stands in solidarity with the Bakers union and its National President.