Tamil Solidarity demands the release of all students and activists unlawfully held by the Sri Lankan regime.

release of all students and activists unlawfully heldThe abduction, imprisonment, and intimidation of student activists in Sri Lanka demanding free education against the “Kotelawala Parliamentary Bill”, have brought outcry amongst the student and Teacher activists; both nationally and internationally. Many international unions have expressed solidarity with IUSF (Inter University Student Federation) in Sri Lanka. Among many unions, the All India Student Federation, Nepali Student Union, have also expressed solidarity. Many organisations are demanding that the students be released immediately. They also expressed solidarity for the struggle for free education and against militarisation in education.

Among those arrested, 5 students are still held in custody. They are denied bail despite 3 of them testing positive for COVID 19.

As previously noted, the Sri Lankan state is taking repressive and undemocratic measures under the cover of the coronavirus pandemic. The covid situation is being used to take away all democratic rights including freedom of expression.

Tamil Solidarity condemns the arrest of the student activists and demands that they are released immediately. We stand in solidarity with the students of IUSF who are fighting for Free education and against militarisation in education. We demand that the Kotelawala Parliamentary Bill should not be implemented.

Below is the report produced by IUSF. Those who want to express solidarity and join with this struggle please do contact internationally, please contact (protests.solidarity@gmail.com).

IUSF Report