UNHRC resolution proves Tories no friends of Tamils -Tamil Solidarity calls for ‘no votes for Tories’.

When the British government proposed a farce of an ‘international inquiry’ against Sri Lanka Tamil Solidarity warned against falling for the Tory trick. It was a desperate attempt to counter the bad publicity the Tories received for sending Prime Minister David Cameron to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (Chogm) last November. And once again they have lived up to their reputation as hypocrites.

The UK government supported the UNHRC resolution that was tabled on 3 March. This represented yet another mockery of the tens of thousands of Tamils living in Britain. This dreadful resolution merely welcomes the recommendation of a “credible international investigation” if there is no “national process”. It urges the UN to monitor this so-called national process until next year, when there will be another ‘oral’ report.

Outrageously the resolution also “welcomes and acknowledges the progress made by the government of Sri Lanka”. It “welcomes the successful provincial council elections” and “welcomes – on promoting reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka – recommendations including on the establishment of a truth-seeking mechanism and national reparation policy as an integral part of a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to transitional justice”.

Could we have expected anything more than this from the US/UK governments and the UN?

Tamil Solidarity repeatedly pointed out the ‘Tory trap’ and the politics behind the so-called ‘international community’ of governments and the UN. Tamil community must learn the lessons : bodies such as the UN and ‘international community’ of governments do not represent the interests of the oppressed masses in any country. Building the struggle of the oppressed masses and fighting for the right to self-determination of the Tamils in Sri Lanka is diametrically opposed to the interests of the Sri Lankan government and other international bodies and governments.

The upcoming UNHRC hearing has created certain expectations. Bogus organisations such as the GTF propagated the idea that something ‘good’ is going to come out of it. Now that the news emerges showing the exact contrary, huge anger is building up. Even the BTF, previously taken in by the Tory lies. But now put up a furious press statement calling the resolution a “painful slap in the face of all those victims who still await justice and a kick in the back for the weary Tamils of North and East Sri Lanka”.

But the crime is with those who have sown false illusions too. Heavy criticism must be aimed against those who blocked people from seeing the truth about the Tory government and the character of the UN. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me” as the old saying goes. Anyone who cares to do a bit of research would know what is to come from bodies such as the UN. Let our intellect not to be insulted by their hypocrisy.

This is not the first time people in Britain encountered Tory lies. Everyone knows Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats lied to young people about university fees. David Cameron once claimed that ‘he didn’t come to politics to make cuts’ – can anyone believe that now? During the 2010 general election campaign David Cameron professed his passion for the NHS and public education – those claims now lie in tatters. Recently the Conservative Party removed its archived documents (ten years of speeches and press releases) from the internet to hide many of its lies.
Let’s make sure these liars cannot fool people again.

It is time to change tactics now. Organisations capable of ferocious political struggle must be built with the aim of mobilising and politicising the masses. We must rely on our own strength to defend our rights. To return to the same old tactics would be like a dog returning to its vomit.