Tamil Solidarity supports #TamilsforCorbyn

Tamil solidarity supports #TamilsforCorbyn and urges all to get involve to get Jeremy Corbyn re-elected as the Labour Party leader.

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Please see below the text of the #TamilsforCorbyn leaflet

Right wing Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) members who had voted for war and stood on the side of big business have launched an attempted coup against their leader Jeremy Corbyn. He was elected as the leader of the Labour Party by a landslide victory, the largest mandate any politician has received in British history. The Labour right-wing have now forced a new party leadership contest with the hope of getting rid of Corbyn.

This is mainly because Jeremy Corbyn has a record of standing up for the rights of working people and stood firm against the war, against cuts and many other issues which are a direct challenge to the interests of big business. He is also a long standing supporter of Tamil Struggle and openly supported the right to self-determination of the Tamils.

It is very important for the Tamil speaking people to come out in support of Jeremy Corbyn. He has been a true ally of Tamils in their struggle against oppression. He stood and marched alongside us during the final staged of the war in 2009, one of the very few MPs to do so. He attends and participates in Tamil meetings demanding the victims of the war to be given justice immediately.

If we are serious about linking up with those forces which will stand firm on principle with the struggle of Tamils, it is time we show that. We should not shy away from showing solidarity to those who are on our side. Unlike other right wing parliamentarians who lend lip service to the Tamils only with the view of securing votes, Corbyn’s  support for the struggle is on an ideological and principled basis. His victory in the Labour leadership election will place him in a strong position to become next prime minister as he enjoys enormous support among workers and youth in Britain.

His victory will also mean that the political struggle of the Tamil speaking people and all their demands will enormously strengthened. It also opens up the possibility of raising the living standards of the Tamils living in Britain as Jeremy Corbyn is campaign for a better living standard for all – for more homes, jobs and investment in our services such as the National Health Service.

It is vital that we offer support to Corbyn

Pledge your support now.

Get involved to mobilise support for Corbyn

visit – http://tamilsforcorbyn.org/