Tamil Solidarity participated in Jeremy Corbyn rally

A Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) rally in support for Jeremy Corbyn was organised on the 15th August at the Highbury Fields in east London. The meeting attracted hundreds of people of all age and background who gathered outside in an open space eagerly waiting to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak at the top of the fire engire.

The rally had a huge range of speakers from different communities and campaign including trade unionist, activist and socialist. Tamil solidarity, along ‘Tamils for Corbyn’ members took part in this important rally. Amongst the selected speakers was also a speaker from #TamilsforCorbyn/Tamil Solidarity.

TU Senan, spoke on behalf of Tamils for Corbyn and received a huge positive response from the crowd. He mentioned that Jeremy Corbyn supported Tamils rights for a long time. When 200,000 Tamils marched through the street of London protesting against the Sri Lankan government massacre, receiving next to no coverage in media, Jeremy Corbyn MP marched along with us.

Senan also highlighted that the political participation is lower among black and Asian and that this is because there has not been a political representation for us speaking for our rights and concerns. However Jeremy Corbyn now offering an opportunity for us to raise our political voice.  

Tamils living in Britain, along with other Black and Asian ethnic minorities communities have take an active part in politics and got involved to get Jeremy Corbyn re-elected as the Labour Party leader and as the Prime minister. Let’s unite together and make our voice heard.