Tamils Rally for Jeremy Corbyn

Many Tamils speaking people have attended the Tamil’s Rally for Jeremy Corbyn that took place last Saturday at the Labour Hall in Hayes. This meeting was supported by Tamils for Corbyn, Tamil Solidarity (TSC), Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) and Tamil Youth Organisation (TYO).

John McDonnell, the shadow Chancellor had participated in the whole meeting and answered many questions from the audience. He declared that there is a change taking place at the moment – people are joining the Labour Party in tens of hundreds, including that many Tamils speaking people who have joined the LP and voted for Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn unfortunately couldn’t come to the meeting but he had sends his solidarity, supports and wishes to the meeting. Video will be posted shortly.

Bharathi Subramanium from Tamil Solidarity chaired the meeting. Speakers included Manivanan from TGTE and Gopi Ratnam, editor of ‘Oru paper’ and a well-known journalist. They both mentioned various arguments why the Tamil speaking people should support Jeremy Corbyn. His policies of investment in National Health Service, for free education, more council homes are the policies that’s going to improve the lives of the Tamil Community living in Britain. Jeremy Cobryn and John McDonnell are the only two MPs that have a history of supporting Tamils struggle – they have attended and spoke in lots of meeting without the need to lobby them.

Tamil Solidarity Campaign had played a crucial role in organising this rally. Our members have taken part in several debated and discussion in the mainstream Tamil Media. Keerthikan Thennavan, the joint-national co-ordinator of Tamil Solidarity, also spoke at this meeting. He mentioned that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell are true friends of all black and Asian people – they policies echoes with those of our needs. He also highlighted that there is a huge movement taking place of ordinary people, the working class and students, from many background, who wants change. It’s very important that the Tamil speaking people join this movement and to build strength with our real allies. It’s vital that we get actively involved.

Please see below the images of the meeting.