Tamil solidarity demands shut down of detention centers

The guardian today pubished an article titled “How can the Home Office get away with paying workers £1 an hour?”. This article confirms how the office getting away with Victorian style exploitation of most vounarable section of the society. Here is the full article-
Here is another article published by giuardian on the same subject.
“Immigration detainees bring legal challenge against £1 an hour ‘slave’ wages”

In its previous campaign activities and materials Tamil Solidarity has pointed out the inhumane methods of the Home Office when it comes to dealing with asylum claimants. Most importantly we pointed out the disgusting policy of detaining refugees and forcing them to work for £1 /hr. Run by notorious profit-sucking G4S, these detention centres are maintained as one way of making easy cash. G4S made millions out of the suffering of refugees. Yarlswood is another notorious detention centre from where many reports have emerged about gross abuses and discriminations. Tamil Solidarity also found out that many refugees are illegally maintained despite proof of how they suffer mentally from the torture that they have gone through in their home countries. The main aim of G4S appears to be to milk more tax payers’ money. There are alleged cases where they prolonged the detention to make more money. The PCS union recently condemned their brutal and blatantly racist approach to housing refugees. We demand a public inquiry into their methods.

Tamil Solidarity works closely with the Refugee Rights Campaign and fully supports the three key demands they put forward:
Allow all refugees and asylum claimants the right to work
Close all detention centres
Implement £10 /hr minimum wage for now for all workers – not £1 for detained refugees

We also call on the trade unions to back this campaign and to take concrete steps – not only continuing their solidarity work but in condemning this illegal brutal treatment of refugees and adopting clear union policy in opposition to this slave labour and to defend the basic rights of all workers.

some pictures from previous protest demanding shut down of detention centers

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