Reject the interim government – for a government of the workers and poor

Mass protest Sri Lanka

Following is the statement from United Socialist Party (USP) and Committee for a Workers’ International


Tens of thousands gathered in Sri Lanka again today to make sure that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa finally resigned and was gone. With the help of the military, the president was reported to have fled the country to Maldives in the early morning. Resignation news would only come via the Speaker of the Parliament. Protesters were still not sure whether he had resigned and continued their protest. However, the announcement of resignation coincided with retaliation against the protesters. As it was clear that the prime minister would continue to protect the Rajapaksas’ interests in power and make sure that the old style of rule would continue, the protesters also marched towards the prime minister’s office. After a significant battle with the security forces, the masses took over the prime minister’s office. Protesters have also asked the national television to telecast their messages instead of spreading lies and rumours about the protests. National television refused this demand. The government also moved a huge number of military and security personnel to protect them. Despite this, the mass protest also moved towards this television station to make their voice heard properly.


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