Remember the dead and fight for the living.

Every life lost in the battle for democratic and national rights must not be forgotten.

But May 18 is not just a memorial day. The Sri Lankan government celebrates this day as a victory day. However, for those who continue to build the struggle for national freedom and democratic rights, it is a genocide day. It is a day of defiance, a day where we bring focus to mass mobilization to rebuild the struggle.

The “end of war” has solved nothing. Instead, the Rajapaksa family and their corrupt allies have enriched themselves, leading to increased hardship and denial of democratic rights.

There is a general understanding among all those who want to build the struggle that it is foolish to expect the Sri Lankan government to deliver the demands of the Tamils. However, there is still an illusion in international institutions such as the UN or western governments. This illusion exists mainly due to a lack of real political and geopolitical understanding.

Regrettably, this mistaken illusion has led the diaspora to centre their activities on lobbying, dragging Tamil politics in Sri Lanka in the same direction.

What has actually taken place so far is a “reverse lobby.” The so-called “international community” has used lobbyists to preach to the Tamil-speaking people to: 1) denounce the LTTE past and the path of struggle, 2) accept compromised politics and parties (like TNA) that lead such politics, and 3) seek better living conditions and some basic power devolution within the unitary state.

Consequently, many “moderate” and right-wing organizations and individuals have pursued the path of so-called “reconciliation” with the Sri Lankan government.
These moderates are not going to present any explanation to the people as to why fourteen years of dialogue and reconciliation have not yielded any results.
It is hypocritical for them to claim to stand on the side of the “political struggle” while actively suppressing activities associated with building a strong opposition.

This trend, combined with the dominance of NGO/academic influence within the Tamil-speaking community, has effectively silenced the voices of tens of thousands.
While the so-called “moderate” right-wing, lacking political clarity, dominates the diaspora and Eelam political scene, the new generation is primarily influenced by NGO/academic individuals and organizations.

Offspring of privileged families and the existing political elite have essentially formed a “political caste” opposing mobilization in the struggle. Despite being a minority within the Tamil community, their ability and privilege allow them to assume dominant positions without actively working to mobilize and build the struggle among the wider population. Where is the voice of the working class and the majority of disadvantaged youth?

This process has contributed to strengthening wrong political perspectives and strategies.

Unfortunately, it has resulted in grotesquely wrong tactics, such as mobilizing support for former General Fonseka, who was responsible for genocidal slaughter, or backing former close ally and racist Maithripala Sirisena, and dictatorial Ranil Wickremesinghe, while demobilizing and campaigning against Aragalya, who effectively removed the Rajapaksa clan from power.

This is just one example that reveals the existing rottenness in terms of developing proper political tactics. Why can we all come together to form a strong united opposition to PTA /ATA for example? What prevent section give indirect support in the form of “defending constitution” and “security measures”.

We must change this situation.

On this day, the day of genocide, the day of mass mobilization, we appeal to all youth to awaken to reality. The reality that we will never achieve even basic democratic rights, let alone national rights, through false strategies like those outlined above. It is time to come forward and understand the importance of building mass power and organizations with a far-sighted perspective.

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