Mullivaikal Remembrance 2021

100’s of Tamils gathered outside Westminster and 10 Downing Street, the prime minister’s residence to commemorate the 12th annual Mullivaikal remembrance.
There was a fast observed by Tamils to tell the world of the massacre their family and friends suffered under the hands of a racist Buddhist chauvinistic government.
Regardless of the ongoing pandemic, Tamils in Britain came out in clusters to light a flame for all those who perished in 2009 under the hands of the Sri Lankan government.
This demonstration’s striking fact is the pain, the rotten memories and suffering are still raw amongst the Tamils. The pain and anguish of those who spoke at the demonstration reinforce the idea that Tamils are not going to give up on those who died in their droves by the action of a government intent on ethnic cleansing its minorities. Tamils seek accountability and justice. They deserve the truth. They deserve to know the real truth behind the disappearances of their loved ones.
Those who spoke at the event highlighted the ongoing abuse, intimidation and outright thuggery imposed by the armed forces on the Tamil population living in the north and east of Sri Lanka. Some spoke of how the government is using Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to exercise the prevention of terrorism act on minorities and restrict the freedom of speech and the right to protest.
It is no secret that the Sri Lankan government is continuing with its agenda of terrorising the minorities in various ways such as land grab, outright intimidation of those who speak against injustices and spreading fake news amongst its masses. They continue to peddle their petty divisive racist politics to divide communities and to keep themselves in power – whilst the majority working-class Sinhala, Tamil and Muslims suffer alike.