Mullivaikal remembrance & Meeting

Mullivaikal remembrance & Meeting
Tamil Solidarity welcomes everyone to take part in the meeting to remember those massacred in 2009. Tamil Solidarity argues while remembering the dead this day should also be about political mobilisation. We ask everyone to take part in this meeting to discuss political perspective and what strategy we Tamils should adopt etc.

Mullivaikal Day
Remember the dead, fight for the living.

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Passcode : 2021

Rally in Tamil
4pm to 6pm
Thirumurugan Ghandhi (May 17 Movement, India)
Naveen (New Socialist Alternative, India)
Rgavan (Tamil Solidarity)
Senan (Tamil Solidarity)
How to defeat Rajapaksa’s

Rally in English – Lessons learnt from struggle developing across the world.
Time: 6-8 pm
Chair: Ahrabi
Speakers: 8-10 mins
1. Akhalya (Tamil Solidarity)
2. Hugo Pierre (UNISON – PC)
3. Prasad (United Socialist Party, Sri Lanka)
4. Martin Powell-Davies (NEU-PC)
5. Mark Best (Youth Fight For Jobs)
6. April Ashley (UNISON – PC)
7. Predeepan (Young Revolutionaries in Solidarity – YRS)
8. Saarankan (YRS)