Will the perpetrators be brought to justice?-Hearing at EU parliment-June1

A recent UN report found “credible allegations” of war crimes perpetrated by the Sri Lankan government.

The European United Left-Nordic Green Left is organising a public hearing on 1 June from 15.00 to 18.00.

Activists and campaign groups from the Tamil-speaking people around the world will give evidence at the hearing.

Activists and campaigners from Sri Lanka, India, the UK, France, Germany and Belgium will take part in this meeting, along with a number of MEPs.


The hearing will focus on informing the MEPs about the origin of the conflict in Sri Lanka, the war and its aftermath, and what are the prospects for lasting peace.

A resolution put forward by the Tamil activists and campaigners in the interests of Tamil-speaking people is likely to be passed at this hearing.

The hearing is also likely to agree a fact finding delegation to be send to Sri Lanka this year.

 For more details about this hearing: Hearing Details