Wanted for war crimes – Not wanted in Britain


We are protesting because Rajapaksa will meet with representative of big business on Wednesday 6 June – no doubt to invite more super-exploitation of camp detainees and those in the so-called ‘free trade zones’. Let’s show the world the real story of Sri Lanka – genocidal slaughter, brutal repression of freedom of speech, protest, press etc. 9am Wed 6 June at Mansion House, London EC4N 8BH

The British government plans to develop its relationship with this murderous regime. It is intent on continuing the horrendous deportation of Tamils. Tamil Solidarity is calling a meeting to organise action and discuss how we can fight for the rights of Tamils. Sat 23 June, ULU, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY

  •  3-4pm young people discuss and plan action
  • 4-5pm Where now for Eelam struggle – what’s the role for the diaspora? Open meeting with reports from Malaysia and Tamil Nadu


Tamil people cannot continue to passively hope that politicians in the British parliament or other governments will act on our behalf.

Disgraced former defence minister Liam Fox is a close friend of Rajapaksa and defended the GoSL. Before it was in the mainstream press Tamil Solidarity organised with others to leaflet in his constituency to inform workers and young people what their MP was up to, meeting big support for the campaign.
Even though Fox has since been forced out his foreign policy continues. Now he and other Tories are planning a visit to the north and east – can we trust them to tell the truth about the suffering there? No. They have shown time and again that it is in the interests of the big corporations and the super-rich that they act.
Over the last few years, including in 2009, millions of pounds worth of weapons have been licensed for export to Sri Lanka. Deportations of Tamils continue despite the condemnation of groups such as Human Rights Watch.
Channel 4’s Killing Fields documentaries show that horrendous atrocities took place under the watchful eye of the United Nations (UN) and its member states. We cannot sit back and hope that they change their tune and start to stand up for the rights of those suffering oppression.
Tamil Solidarity says we have to look elsewhere for support. Last year we saw mass movements of ordinary people topple brutal dictators in Egypt and Tunisia. This is the most important lesson for us in how to fight back.
It must be remembered that while the Indian government bankrolled the war, in Tamil Nadu it was ordinary working and young people who applied the pressure that forced the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to pass a resolution in March criticising the government of Sri Lanka. Although welcome, it is nowhere near enough.
Governments currently in power stand up for the interests of the rich. Working class organisations stand up for ordinary people – here and internationally.
Tamil Solidarity was set up in 2009 and since then has a record of protest, of action and of analysis of the geopolitics involved that informs our strategy for struggle.
If you agree with what we say, what we do and what we stand for why not get involved?
We believe that young people and trade unionists in Britain will support the fight for the rights of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka – but it is down to us to ask for that support. The media, owned and controlled by the likes of Rupert Murdoch, cannot be relied on to tell the truth.
Join Tamil Solidarity and build the campaign in your college, school, university, work place or trade union. Get in touch and we can help out every step of the way, providing speakers, leaflets, etc.
Come to the meeting on 23 June to meet others and have your say. Build the solidarity!

Get involved:

  •  Log on to the Tamil Solidarity website to check on our analysis and campaigning activity here and internationally: www.tamilsolidarity.org
  •  Join us in our campaigning work by emailing us your details:  info@tamilsolidarity.org
  • Get your student union, community group, or trade union to back the campaign.
  • Donate to our campaign fund. We urgently need financial support to maintain our important work. You can make payments via the website.

Build a mass movement to fight for:

  • Withdraw the troops from the North and East; for immediate rebuilding of homes under the people’s control
  • Stop the settlement-occupation programme
  • Shut down the official and unofficial prison camps. Immediate release of all detained there
  • For the full disclosure of those disappeared or held by security forces
  •  End deportation of Tamils from Britain to Sri Lanka and sale of arms
  • For a full, international, independent inquiry into war crimes
  • Fight for freedom of speech and other democratic rights in Sri Lanka
  • Shut down the free trade zones. End attacks on all workers’ rights and pensions. Stop all privatisation
  • Help the campaign for trade unions, fully independent of state interference
  • For a democratic struggle to end Rajapaksa’s dictatorial regime
  •  For the right to self-determination for Tamil-speaking people