Free Sri Lanka’s political prisoners

Tamil and Sinhala campaigners joined together on 29 May in front of Welikada prison, Sri Lanka, to protest against the continued imprisonment of activists by the brutal regime of president Mahinda Rajapaksa. Present at the protest was Siritunga Jayasuriya, honorary president of Tamil Solidarity (hand raised holding banner).

Next week, Rajapaksa will participate in the queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations, and is due to make a speech to representatives of big business at the Mansion House in the City of London. No doubt he will want to boast about the big opportunities for London-based corporations to make massive profits from the exploitation of workers and poor people in Sri Lanka.
At the same time, his regime continues to imprison anyone who speaks up or organises against its brutal policies.
Now is the time to step up the fight back.
Release all political prisoners now!
Stop the oppression of the Tamils!
Stop the oppression of the workers and poor throughout Sri Lanka!