The Queen to dine with an acussed war criminal

From the secretary general of Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the acting defence minister in May 2009, this war monster, Maithiripala Sirisena, in par with the disgusting Rajapakse regime, responsible for the brutal mass executions of hundreds and thousands of Tamil speaking people in 2009, will be visiting to dine the Queen next week.

Since announcing to run as the opposition candidate in the recent elections, Maithiri had reached out the Sinhala chauvinist group Bodu Bala Sena with now the likelihood of strengthening his support amongst this group with his UK visit where there will be a wide display of utter rage from the Tamil-speaking community. Protest organised on the 9th of March protesting against his visit organised by Tamil activist is one of many for this ‘new president’.

He has kept his position on war crimes investigation vague from announcing there will be no investigation and that he would support the then president Rajapakse to saying that he would call for an full investigation when nearing the elections and the now delay in UNHRC resolution to September 2015, conveniently after the May elections in Sri Lanka. On top of this he has rejected the TNA’s calling for greater powers of autonomy in the north and east of Lanka.

This is a well reputable monster who called for an end of the 6 year ceasefire with the LTTE in 2008 and called demands of demilitarising, dismantling the high security zones and re-merging the North and East as ‘terrorist’ demands, along with rejecting the UN-led investigation into mass atrocities in July 2014; with his newly devised master plan called the ‘100-day programme’ that would supposedly give fisherman and auto drivers pensions to the clearing land for refugees in IDP camps may be an attractive well packaged deal, he has still rejected demilitarising the north and repeated refusal to push for war crime investigation because he know he will be held accountable.

Maithiri will be attending a special commonwealth ceremony on the 9th of March with plans to be dining with the Queen on the 11th of March. Other plans during this visit also include meeting British Prime Minister David Cameron and discussing issues concerning both countries. This visit will be taking place at a time when there will be a hungerstike, in the North of the Island, demanding the whereabouts of the disappeared people, amongst them would be Anathi Sasitharan and Pathmini Sithamparanathan. Giving us a glimpse of this new president’s responsibility towards his people.

Tamil solidarity strongly condemns this visit along with the British government continued silence on demanding a war crime investigation. Dining with this blood thirsty monster only highlights the Queen’s, the head of British imperialism, disregard to war crimes and human right violations. This is a further slap in the face by the conservative government for the Tamil-speaking diaspora. This has been ignored by the western media like many other atrocities that have taken place in Sri Lanka. We stand in solidarity with the Tamil activists and defend their right to protest.

We call upon all human right activists and anyone against any form of oppression along on Monday, the 9th of March at 5pm. The demo would take place at Marlborough House (Commonwealth HQ), Pall Mall, SW1Y 5HX

In solidarity we will only grow stronger.