Public Meetings – Stop the water contaminating & UNHRC- Inaction What Next?

Stop the water contaminating in the North of Sri Lanka

Come to the meeting on 7th of March in East Ham
Oil leaks from the Chunnakum power plant are contaminating water in the Jaffna district – polluting the water supply in the area. This had caused a lot of distress for the people and there has been a rise in the numbers of deaths at birth. Direct contact with contaminated water can cause skin damage. Crude oil exposure can cause liver, kidney, respiratory, and reproductive problems. So far more than 200,000 people have been affected. How much more do the people have to suffer?

Who is responsible for this?How do we protest against water contamination in Jaffna?
What are our strategies?The Sri Lankan government, together with their big business partners, has been silent on this issue.How do we stop this? What can we do?
A protest has been organised on the 7th March to show our solidarity with the suffering people. We can also discuss what can be done. Come along and show your support. Let’s stand together to protest against this.

Date: 7th March.
Time : 2.00pm -5.00pm
Place: Amma restaurant, Eastham. 240A High Street North-E12 6SB


UNHRC- Inaction

What Next?

The genocide of Tamils in 2009 saw the deaths of thousands of Tamil people after they lost the 30-year civil war in Sri Lanka. The fight for an independent investigation into the war crimes committed is still not over, as the release of the UNHRC report has been delayed until September 2015.

The UK government minister, Hugo Swire, has justified the delay by saying that, “the extra time will create an opportunity for the new Sri Lankan government to deliver on its commitment to engage with the UN investigation, potentially generating additional material to inform the High Commissioner’s report”. However, the possibility of more information emerging should not prevent the publication of the report as it stands.

This is a poor justification that clearly hides hidden motives for the delay in publication. The UK government should repeat its generosity by giving more time to refugees who face deportation to Sri Lanka, where they could be imprisoned and tortured.

Can those affected by war crimes rely on imperialist powers to help them get justice? Where else can they turn to get move forward with their political struggle?
Join us for a discussion on the UNHRC report:

Date : 11th March
Time: 6.00pm -8.00pm
Place : Queen Mary University
Room 1.13 -bancroft building