Tamils across the globe remember the Martyr day

Annually, Tamils across the globe remember the dead on the 27th of November. This Martyr day is a significant day in the minds of many Tamils. It is the day of remembrance of all those died in the brutal war. However, in Sri Lanka, government continue its repression and continue to deny freedom and democratic rights. People are robbed off this right to honour the memories of their loved ones who died in the war. But people continue to defy Sri Lankan government ban. Heroic acts of people lighting up candles at home, universities and in public building against the state oppression is also seen every year.

This year’s Remembrance Day in London was organised in the Wembley arena with around 40,000 attending it. But shamefully only 12,000 are being let in first. As opposed to the usual start time of 10.30 am the event had a later start with doors only opening at 12 pm. Thousands of people were not let to take part in the Remembrance Day. Inconsiderate act of the Wembley arena management and the event organisers must be sharply criticised and this should not be repeated in the future. In addition extravagant spending of around £100 000 while many war victims are forced to live in poverty should be condemned. This money should go towards helping the victims of war. Whilst many were made to queue and many others denied access into the arena, – after hours of waiting, – the people managed to organise themselves and pay their respect and by lighting candles outside.

At exactly 12.36pm in London and 6.06 pm in homeland, and at the exact time across the world, people lit candles to pay their respect. This showed the resilience of the people and their willingness to act in solidarity with others. This highlights the resilience of the people -and that the Tamil struggle is still buried deep inside the hearts of many. Building the struggle forward, whilst remembering the dead would be the way forward to respect those who contributed and sacrificed their lives.