A busy year – and great plans for 2016

Report by Manny Thain

Enthusiasm, optimism and determination. Those are the words which sum up the mood of the Tamil Solidarity campaign following our annual general meeting (AGM), held in London on 5 December.

We kicked off proceedings with an in-depth discussion on the situation in Sri Lanka – an overview of all that has gone on since the election of Sirisena back in January, right up to the devastation of the floods in Chennai.

Later on, Charles, a long-standing campaigner gave an eyewitness report of the battle to fight for the rights of political prisoners still languishing in Sri Lankan jails, and in defence of their families. It was a harrowing report, but very insightful. The struggle continues.

During the course of the day, we reviewed the year – all the campaigns, protests, meetings, events, publications and media interviews that can be seen on this website.

As a democratically organised, accountable campaign, we had a finance report, reports from the trade union work and regions, as well as setting out our priorities for 2016. These will see Tamil Solidarity build on the firm foundations we have built over the years. All of these proposals were discussed and voted on, as was the election of a new National Coordinating Committee, to plan and oversee the work.

Just before the end of the AGM, we agreed to have a collection for the victims of the floods in Chennai, and to boost that with a donation from the campaign itself.

Despite all the hardship faced by the Tamils, Tamil Solidarity is determined to build the movement against injustice, for the rights of workers and all oppressed people in Sri Lanka.

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We look forward to working with you in 2016!