Tamil Solidarity with Paul Murphy MEP

Tamil Solidarity would like to thank Paul Murphy, Socialist Party MEP Dublin, Ireland, for his consistent and determined work for justice for the Tamil-speaking people of Sri Lanka, as they face continued military occupation and oppression by the brutal regime headed by president Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Paul has used his position in the European parliament as a platform to speak out against injustice, and to call for a genuinely independent investigation into the most horrific war crimes committed in 2008-2009. He has highlighted the cases of Tamil refugees threatened with deportation back to Sri Lanka – and back into the hands of the state forces, to face detention, torture and worse. He stands up for the Tamils’ right of self-determination.

Paul’s principled stand goes back a number of years. For example, alongside the GUE/NGL left group of MEPs, Paul helped Tamil Solidarity organise an international forum in the European parliament in Brussels in 2011, to raise awareness of the situation facing the Tamils. In 2012, he spoke out against the arbitrary arrest of activists. Paul and the GUE/NGL group have also tabled a number of resolutions in the European parliament, including in opposition to increased European Union trade with the Sri Lankan regime, and to call for a war crimes investigation.

Not only has Paul given up his valuable time and energy in solidarity with the Tamils, he puts forward a strategy of linking up the struggle of Tamil-speaking people with their natural allies in the workers’ movement internationally and in the struggles of other oppressed peoples. Tamil Solidarity shares those aims and campaigns for that approach.

Paul is standing for re-election in the European election for Dublin, on Friday 23 May. Just as Paul has stood by us, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him. It is important that he is re-elected as an MEP to continue the important international work he has been doing.

Tamil Solidarity is proud to count Paul Murphy as an ally in the struggle for Tamil rights. We urge our members and supporters to do whatever they can to help with Paul’s campaign. Please contact Paul at: http://www.paulmurphymep.eu/

Tamil Solidarity