Tamil Solidarity wishes Jeremy Corbyn very well in this leadership contest

Jeremy Corbyn is one of the very few MPs who has stood on the side of working people, who has represented the oppressed sections of society and who has voted consistently against war and those many measures that only benefited the political elite and big business.

Given that it’s increasingly clear that the majority in parliament are there to represent the richest 1% of society and are prepared to take hard measures against the remaining 99% of the population, it’s unsurprising that Jeremy’s campaign is being welcomed enthusiastically.

This Tory government has declared war on the youth. Billions of pounds of cuts have been aimed at low-paid workers and those struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile big businesses and banks get away with billions made through huge bonuses, exploitation and tax avoidance.

The majority of the Labour leadership and its public representatives have expressed their support for these Tory cuts and the war on welfare. Jeremy Corbyn is the only candidate running for leadership who has said that he will not support the Tory attacks on workers and has voted against the cuts. This of course has made him popular among workers, youth and ethnic minorities. He has also won support among trade unionists after standing against the draconian laws that the Conservative government wants to implement.

Along with John McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn has supported the Tamil Solidarity campaign since its establishment. Jeremy has spoken in many Tamil public events and consistently supports the oppressed Tamils against the brutal dictatorial regime in Sri Lanka. Unlike many two-faced politicians who try to use Tamils as a ‘vote bank’ and to raise funds and then invite the Sri Lankan regime for a cosy chat to make investment deals, Corbyn had been a principled supporter.

Tamil Solidarity also condemns the right-wing Labour leadership and the media for launching such a personal attack on him. This, we recognise, is not just an attack on him, but an attack on the principled policies which he defends. For example, Jeremy is a full supporter of the proposed anti-caste legislation and was instrumental in bringing that debate into the parliament. Therefore Tamil Solidarity wishes Jeremy Corbyn very well in this leadership contest.