Tamil solidarity supports the student protests

24 November 2010 was a historic moment as thousands of students protested against the rise in university tuition fees and cuts in higher education.

The protest was a massive hit as students from the age of 12 to 19 attended to express their contempt for the government’s unjust policies and concern for their futures. Some students took half a day off to attend this protest.

Well-organised demonstrations by students took place all around the country. Protests occurred simultaneously in central London, Brighton, Manchester, Oxford, Cambridge, Liverpool, Sheffield and many many other cities and towns.

Students feel that it is unfair to make them pay for an economic crisis not of their making.

In London the police ‘kettled’ the students until as late as 9.30pm before letting them go in small groups. There have been 32 arrests and 17 people were injured. Most of the arrested were students that were simply speaking out for their rights.

The cuts that are being made by the government doesn’t only affect the students but they affect every single one of us in one way or another. It is important, in this time, to unite together and show our support for the students in their fight for their rights. It is only when we stand in solidarity that our true strength is shown.

Tamil protesters in London faced horrendous police repression and right-wing media attacks after their protests against the genocidal slaughter of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Tamil Solidarity is affiliated to the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign and pledges its support for its campaign to defend the right to protest.

We call on Tamil students and all students to attend the launch of Youth Fight for Education. United we are stronger!


2-4pm Sunday 5 December
Christopher Ingold Building,

University College London,

Gordon Street,

London WC1H 0AJ