Remember the dead and fight for living

While brutally killing thousands of innocent civilians in 2009 the Sri Lankan government and its military forces disgracefully also destroyed the Tamil Tiger martyrs’ graveyard for the fallen fighters. The Sri Lankan government and army have shown no respect for neither the living nor for the dead. Furthermore the government and military are now stopping people from remembering the death of their own family members.

Tamil Solidarity condemns the Rajapaksa regime for the war crimes and also for viciously trampling on human rights. We stand for the right to remember the dead. While calling for the building of a mass, democratic struggle, we have respect for those young people who came forward to fight for others and sacrificed their lives in the struggle for the rights of the poor people and the oppressed people.

However remembering the dead is not enough; we have fight for the living, for the rights which they fought for. To do that we need to build the solidarity campaign and a mass movement along the lines advocated by Tamil Solidarity.