Tamil Solidarity Supports #JobstownNotGuilty

Protesters are charged with false imprisonment for protesting against water charges in Ireland. 23 people of Jobstown have been falsely accused of violent disorder and criminal damage. Paul Murphy TD (Irish MP and Former MEP) is one of those people. The extreme serious charges potentially carry a life sentence.

Paul Murphy is a well-known politician and activist within the Tamil Community. He has consistently supported and stood for the rights of the Tamil speaking people.

Paul has worked with the Tamil Solidarity campaign for many years. Previously, as a Member of the European Parliament, he hosted – with the GUE/NGL left/environmental group in the parliament – a forum to discuss the genocide in Sri Lanka.

He used that forum on many occasions to highlight the injustices in Sri Lanka – To call for an independent, international inquiry into war crimes. To protest against the deportation of Tamils back to Sri Lanka. He is a true ally of the workers and oppressed in Sri Lanka.

Tamil Solidarity condemns the injustice attack he is facing and calls for an end to the political policing. Tamil Solidarity defends the right to protest.

A solidarity protest has been called and Tamil Solidarity urges all to attend.

Place: Irish Embassy, 17 Grosvenor Pl, London SW1X 7HR

Time: 16:00