Tamil Solidarity Congratulated John McDonnell on Appointment as Shadow Chancellor

Below is the copy of the letter Tamil Solidarity send to John McDonnell


Dear John McDonnell,

The Tamil Solidarity campaign would like to congratulate you on your appointment as shadow

chancellor. We have been privileged to have your support over the last years. Your solidarity and

support has given considerable strength to our campaign activities. We very much appreciate your

consistent position of calling for an independent inquiry into the war crimes committed in Sri Lanka

and your support to improve the conditions of Tamils and all working class and young people living

in Britain.

We proudly remember that when this campaign was set up, in the aftermath of the horrendous end

to the war in Sri Lanka, you were one of those few politicians to immediately give us support. The

solidarity messages and support we have received from you have always been an enormous

encouragement for us.

We fully support your firm stand on defending the trade union rights, demanding a real living wage,

and opposition to cuts and privatisation of services. Tamils living in Britain are affected by all these

anti-worker and anti-youth policies of the Conservative government.

The Tamil Solidarity campaign will now take initiatives to mobilise support among Tamils to build

support for these demands and to defend your position in the parliament.

We wish you well

Tamil Solidarity coordinating committee