Tamil Solidarity supports Corbyn’s bold policies

Tamil Solidarity supports the bold policies put forward by Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party leader when he launched the general election campaign. Jeremy outlined a number of policies that he would implement if he is elected Prime Minister.

There are four key issues with which Tamil Solidarity is very concerned: education, the health service, wages, and immigration policies, ie the issues that most concerns most Tamil-speaking people living in Britain.

Here are the points Jeremy outlined:

  • Minimum wage to be raised to £10/hour
  • NHS to be kept fully free for all to use and made free at the point of use.
  • Education: stop all cuts.
  • Immigration. Allow the right to remain for all European nationals living in the UK

This is a very good start and we want to see this programme developed to outline a society that benefits all of us.

In addition, we support the Refugee Rights Campaign’s demand for the right to work for refugees and all asylum seekers and the closing of the detention centres. We will also be campaigning on these issues during the election period.

Tamil Solidarity will be discussing these policies and the party election manifestos in our upcoming meetings. If you are interested in taking part in the discussion or election campaign, please contact us.

Tamil solidarity also supports Tamils for Corbyn: visit the website here