Tamil solidarity contacts MP’s and all candidates planning to stand in may election in UK

The Tamil Solidarity campaign has decided not to support any party in particular but we agreed that we should not stand by but give support to all those candidates who will support the specific demands that are of concern to Tamils living in Britain.

We are therefore writing to all prospective candidates. These are the questions that concern us.

Will you support?

With regards to Sri Lanka will you support our call for:

· An independent war crimes investigation

· Withdrawal of the army from all Tamil areas. An end to the disappearances and to the land grab

· The right to self-determination for the Tamil speaking people


For the hundreds of thousands of Tamils who live in Britain:

· Will you support the abolition of tuition fees? Will you support allocation of funds for language services and community centres?

· Will you vote against cuts in local services that impact on all of us?

· Will you oppose anti-trade union legislation?

· Will you support challenges to discrimination against women, LGBT and others who are demanding their rights to be respected?

· Will you support campaigns and measures to end caste discrimination and other forms of racism?

· Will you support the increase in minimum wage to at least £10 an hour, which is what the TUC calls for?