Tamil Solidarity condemns communal racial violence- Trade unions can act – help set up community defence committees

Tamil Solidarity condemns communal racial violence

Trade unions can act – help set up community defence committees

Tamil Solidarity strongly condemns all the attacks that are taking place against the Muslim population in Sri Lanka. It must end immediately.

We condemn the burning and looting of businesses and people’s homes. The government stands condemned for its failure to defend people against the organised mob attacks. Muslims as a whole should not be blamed for the Easter Sunday massacre. This mass vilification and hatred propaganda must stop immediately.

In fact, the current government and the various forces that lean on Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism for their own survival are also indirectly encouraging these atrocities. They should be held to account for these actions.

Tamil Solidarity demands an immediate stop to all attacks. All those involved in the violent attacks should be brought to justice, starting with those leading and orchestrating these horrendous attacks. Adequate compensation should be given to all the victims.

We also call for the setting up of defense committees in the neighbourhoods where the Muslim population lives. We appeal to all the trade unions in Sri Lanka to mobilise their support against these racist attacks and assist in the defense committees. They must also come forward to organise a solidarity march. If we are divided, the government and bosses will face weaker opposition to their attacks on living standards like health and education cuts that affect everyone.

We urge all Tamils, Muslims and Sinhala workers and youth to join together to take action against the racist mob attacks.

Ketheswaran S