Support the resistance of Kobane against ISIS attacks!

The following statement is produced by Day-Mer. Tamil Solidarity support this statement and wishes to promote solidarity for Kobane people widely among Tamil community. Please circulate this statement and contact Tamil Solidarity or Day-Mer for information or to get involved. 


The ISIS mob that have been brought up by imperialist countries are turning Iraq and Syria into a bloodbath. Imperialists wanted to use ISIS to redesign the Middle East for their own goals.


The ISIS forces have been massacring and displacing the Yazidi minority of the Shengal region of Syria, and are now focusing on the Kurds of Rojava.  Situated in northern Syria, Rojava’s predominantly Kurdish population have created a new formation, where they are trying to enable peoples of all faiths and national identities to live together in peace. This example is an expression of how peoples of the Middle East can live freely. However, the ISIS militants are trying to destroy Kobane at the heart of Rojava, while the Kurdish people are waging a life and death struggle to defend their homeland. Therefore, everybody who claimes to be on the side of equality and peace must support Kobane and stand in solidarity with its defenders.


ISIS aims for another massacre in the region and the imperialists have been watching. Through ISIS attacks they have been expecting to destroy the revolutionary steps taken in Rojava. For this reason, defending Kobane which is under attack today does not only mean to stand against the ISIS barbarism but it also means to defend the democratic future of peoples against the occupation plans of the imperialists and regional reactionary forces.


Turkish government’s proposed plans to set up a “no fly zone” or a “buffer zone” in the Syrian border, in the name of fighting against ISIS, is a reactionary plan to occupy Rojava under the veil of “humanitarian aid”. AKP government also aims to destroy the Rojava revolution in a neighbouring country so it can impose on the Kurdish people its own rules in the so-called “peace process” in Turkey. Recent attacks on Kurdish schools hint what kind of solution the AKP has on its mind.


The crocodile tears of Western imperialist countries, led by the USA, in an attempt to appear to be bombing ISIS, should not deceive anybody. The blood bath in the region is their creation. For this reason, the way forward to get rid of ISIS barbarism is not a new imperialist intervention that provoke conflicts between different beliefs and peoples to plunder the region’s natural resources; on the contrary, it is only possible through termination of these countries’ interventions in the region and the realization of regional people’s right to self-determination of their future.


For this reason, we condemn the imperialist countries and any plans to occupy the region. They must stop selling arms to reactionary countries like Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Doors must be open to all those escaping the massacre, and refugees must be provided with humane and hounarable living conditions.


As DAY-MER and Tamil Solidarity, we call on the public and preogressive forces here in UK to show solidarity with Kobane against ISIS barbarism and any plans for occupation. On this basis, we call on people to join protests, meetings and campaigns in solidarity with the Kurdish people who are fighting against the ISIS terror.