Stop the slaughter of Tamils-London launch meeting

Manny Thain


The campaign to stop the slaughter of Tamils and for democracy and trade union rights in Sri Lanka initiated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, came to London on Saturday 21 March. Activists from around the capital, Wales, South West and the Midlands listened to Senan report back from the Chennai meeting, which brought together representatives from twelve groups, as well as advocates who are involved in a bitter strike sparked by anger at inaction by the Tamil Nadu government inaction over the war in Sri Lanka.

The aim is to build a broad campaign to raise awareness of the plight of 200,000 Tamils who are caught in the warzone, unable to access safe drinking water, food, decent shelter or medical facilities. The campaign will also fight for basic democratic rights in Sri Lanka as a whole, to break through the media blackout, resist the severe repression of those speaking out against the military offensive of the Rajapakse government and help to rebuild trade union struggle against public-sector cutbacks and poverty.

Saturday’s meeting put in place an initial steering committee whose first task is to organise the Britain part of an international day of action on Wednesday 8 April. This will involve a protest outside the Indian passport office in Aldwych, central London, to protest at the Indian and Tamil Nadu governments’ complicity in the tragedy unfolding in Sri Lanka.