Arundhati Roy addresses public meeting condemning War in Sri Lanka-30th March Chennai

Stop the slaughter of Tamils

Protest Meeting

30.03.2009, Monday, 5.30 pm-Loyola College Grounds, Chennai


When: 30.03.2009, Monday, 5.30 pm

Where: Loyola College Grounds, Chennai


Arundhati Roy, Writer

Siritunga Jayasuriya, General Secretary, United Socialist Party, Srilanka

Satya Sivaraman, Journalist, Delhi

Paavendhan, Coordinator, Federation in Support of Liberation of Tamil Eelam

Sudha Gandhi, Eelam Tamil Students Struggle Committee 




A Sinhala chauvinist regime in Sri Lanka, led by the Mahinda Rajapakse government has been waging an unjust war against the Tamils of Sri Lanka, which has gravely threatened their very existence on the island. The total and indiscriminate use of modern fire power on lakhs of trapped Tamils has created a genocide like situation in the country. It has already, claimed thousands of lives and rendered millions homeless. THIS WAR SHOULD END AT ONCE.
In order to muffle the growing opposition to this war, the regime has resorted to widespread intimidation, murders and gagging of media houses through threats and bans. The Tamils who are supposed to be liberated from the war zone are held in concentration camps under inhuman conditions and subjected to grave human rights violations. Democracy has been murdered in Sri Lanka. FULL DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS including MEDIA FREEDOM, RIGHT OF ACCESS to INDEPENDENT OBSERVERS AND MULTILATERAL ORGANISATIONS should be GUARANTEED.
The Campaign to stop the war and restore democracy in Sri Lanka, has organised a protest meeting to pressure the Sri Lankan, Indian and other international regimes to STOP THIS WAR. JOIN THE MEETING AND THE CAMPAIGN.

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