Solidarity message for Tamil Refugees in Merak Indonesia

To Tamil Solidarity, the USP, and to all Tamil-speaking people presently suffering in captivity, who have committed no crime and who are held unjustly through no fault of their own, in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Canada: Fraternal Greetings and Solidarity!

 Dear Brothers and Sisters,

 Thank you for your magnificent solidarity fight for justice for the Tamil-speaking refugees and captives!  Please convey my solidarity to the Tamil-speaking people detained on a boat in Merak harbor, Indonesia, and to the asylum-seekers held at the Immigration Detention Centre at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the Sri Lankan refugees detained at Pekan Nanas Immigration Detention Center in Malaysia and those men held for questioning by the Canadian police.

 Keep up your Struggle for Justice!  Stay Strong! 

 As a fellow worker, I will do all in my power to publicize your plight and help obtain freedom, justice and peace for you. 

 I fully support and stand in solidarity with your eloquent, heart-felt and universally inspiring appeal for justice:

           “We appeal to the Indonesian and Australian masses, trade unions, human rights organizations and women’s rights organizations to understand our plight and to support our demands.”

          “We are appealing to all who stand against repression and for human rights to do whatever they can to help us.  We especially urge the United Nations to act on our behalf.”

          “We appeal to our brothers and sisters in Tamil Nadu, in Malaysia and in the Tamil-speaking diaspora around the world who have also suffered the brutality of Sri Lankan governments, to give voice to our desperate cry.”

 To the governments of Indonesia, Malaysia and Canada, I say, Release these Tamil-speaking refugees, asylum-seekers, innocent peoples, at once!  Shame on the Australian government for its unjust collusion with Indonesian authorities in the unjust stopping of the Tamil People’s boat and detention of its passengers, who are refugees from war and persecution. 

 I call on the Sri Lankan government to immediately shut down the detention camps.  I call on Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia and Canada, and the United Nations to immediately endorse this fundamental human rights demand and send it forthwith to the Sri Lankan authorities at the highest diplomatic level and with utmost resoluteness and vigor.  

 Further, I demand there be absolutely no economic or military aid to the Sri Lankan government.  The whole world demands an end once and for all of war chauvinism, suppression and brutalization of ethnic minorities, and dictatorship of the Rajapakse regime.  Immediate freedom and human and civil rights to all the oppressed peoples of Sri Lanka, both those held in brutal captivity on the island and those detained in Malaysia, Indonesia and Canada and prevented – though they have committed no offense – from achieving security and freedom of person.

 I fully endorse and support the right of Tamil-speaking people to self-determination. 

 I fully endorse and support united campaigns of the working class and all oppressed people in Sri Lanka against the brutal and divisive policies of the Rajapakse regime.


 Tom Potter

 Member, Socialist Alternative (in solidarity with Tamil Solidarity, The United Socialist Party (USP) in Sri Lanka, and The Committee for a Workers International – CWI)

 Member, AFSCME Local 3650 Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers (HUCTW) (personal capacity)