Remember the Dead and Fight For the Living

Sathya Rajan

It’s been 9 years since the end of war in Sri Lanka where huge massacre of Tamils took place in the north. All over the world, wherever Tamil People lived, there were protests to stop the war. Ten of thousands people gathered in the streets of London with the slogans of ‘Stop the Slaughter of Tamil People’.

What happened from then?

What actions are taken by the leaders of diaspora organisations who claim themselves as the representatives of Tamils?

 What have they done?

Have the livelihood of affected people in the northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka improved?

Political parties in Sri Lanka deceived people that collusion with the Ruling party would do the favour. People were made to believe that there are people who work for their justice either through UN or colluding with the regime in Sri Lanka. This alienated people from politics. It’s high time people should realise they did nothing but benefitted themselves.

Mullivaikaal Day is considered only as a ‘day of remembrance’ by the Tamil political parties and diaspora organisations. We, Tamil Solidarity, completely reject this idea. Along with remembering the dead, we should fight for the living. This day shouldn’t be the day of mourning but the day of mobilisation. People have been demobilised so far. There is an urging need to educate people politically. Discussions about current political situation of Sri Lanka and worldwide, dos and don’ts from history, political stand to be taken should be held every now and then. Along with this, we should oppose the opposing symbols used in this event. British Flag is a symbol of oppression. British Right wing Government played an important role in distributing arms to the Sri Lankan government during war. They can’t be our natural allies. Progressive organisations which work for the welfare of people can’t collude with the oppressive forces. This is very much contradicting.


Tamil People have united many times in history to fight for their rights. Rather than trusting the establishment and their representatives, people should gather up together and find their allies- who represent them. People should mobilise to build a political struggle against the establishment. We, Tamil Solidarity, take a huge effort to mobilise the people. Do take part and join our struggle.


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