Protest at the India High Commission in London against nuclear project

Tamil Solidarity participated in the ‘No to the Nuclear Project in Koodangkulam’ protest on Friday 18 May at the India High Commission in London.

By Keerthikan

The South Asia Solidarity Group, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, South West Against Nuclear and Foil Vedanta organised this protest.
Activists explained the need to link the fight with other struggles taking place. They also pointed out how the Indian state’s presence at Koodangkulam was aimed at scaring the people who are protesting against the nuclear project. There were thousands of police on the streets. Military helicopters were flying around to threaten the local residents,
One of the protesters, originally from Koodangkulam, said to Tamil Solidarity that the situation seemed like a second Mullivaikal because the government was not supplying food or any essential items needed for living. Even the water tank has not been allowed to enter the Koodangkulam villages.
Sarah from Tamil Solidarity pledged the campaign’s support in the fight against the nuclear power project and against the repression of the Indian government. She also appealed to all there to attend the Mullivaikal remembrance commemoration the following day at Trafalgar Square.
The protesters made it clear that if the project went ahead that they would be spreading the news of the repression and would return with greater numbers.