Paul Murphy MEP condemns the inaction and calls for the setting up of an independent international investigation-[video attached]

Paul Murphy MEP moved a resolution on behalf of the GUE/NGL group in the European Parliament in December 2013. That resolution condemned the Sri Lankan regime’s continued violation of human rights and attacks on democratic rights. It also demanded an independent international inquiry into war crimes committed by the regime.

This resolution, however, was opposed by the right-wing group in the parliament and further modified to dilute the demands. Tamil Solidarity believes this was done on behalf of the Sri Lankan regime.
Conservative MEP Geoffrey Van Orden is the chairman of the ‘Friends of Sri Lanka’ in the Parliament. This group mobilises support in the Sri Lankan regime’s interests. The final resolution agreed by the right-wing group was not strong enough and showed clearly where they stand in terms of bringing justice to Tamil speaking people. The so-called human rights ‘concerns’ of these conservatives will never go beyond the economic interests of their big business friends and of the dictatorial regimes they are happy to associate with. Paul Murphy made this point when he spoke on the resolution.

The resolution proposed by Paul Murphy MEP can be read below, accompanied by the weakened final version agreed. Comparing them reveals the hypocrisy of the Conservatives in the Parliament.

Final Draft Resolution on Situation in Sri Lanka- Submitted by Paul Murphy MEP on behalf of GUE/NGL group

Compromised resolution on Sri Lanka -Accepted by Right wing groups