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Remember the Dead and Fight for the living!
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This year marks the 11th anniversary of genocidal slaughter that took place in Sri Lanka in 2009. The final phase of the war ended on May 18th with the merciless slaughter of a huge number of people who were boxed inside a short lagoon called Mullivaikal. Every year the Tamil speaking population around the world remember the dead on this day.

But this day is more than just a remembrance day. Tamil Solidarity argues that this day should also be a political day.

This day is celebrated by the Sri Lankan government and Chauvinist forces in Sri Lanka as a victory day. GOSL uses the mullivaikal event to showcase to the world as to how it has ended terrorism. While this day also marks the mass anti-war movement of Tamils that took place across the world, for the first time in history, tens of thousands took to the streets in protest. Parliament and the whole area in London, for example, were surrounded day and night by Tamil protesters. It was the first time in the history of Britain that parliament was surrounded and shut down by an ethnic minority group, who had mobilized in large numbers in its thousands.

Mullivaikal is not just a day of defeat but also a day that marks the political movement of Tamils.

Take part in Tamil Solidarity online discussions on the 17th May. To discuss the social, political and economic consequences of Covid 19, the continuous repression of the Sri Lankan government and how to build the struggle for Tamil speaking people in Sri Lanka and Britain.

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கருத்து பகிர்வோர்

• திருமுருகன் காந்தி (மே 17 இயக்கம்)
• சுரேஷ் பேரறிவாளன் (புதிய சோசலிச இயக்கம்)
• பா நடேசன் (தமிழ் சொலிடாரிட்டி)

இக்கலந்துரையாடலை நெறிப்படுத்துபவர் : சாரா ராஜன்


Click here to register for session to be held in Eglish language: 5-7pm

Speakers –
• Hannah Sell, General Secretary of the Socialist Party
• Isai Priya, Tamil Solidarity (TS) National Chair
• Samanthi, TS UCL Tamil Society President (PC)
• Mithilen (Tamil Freedom Coalition CC member)

Chaired by Siva, TS Youth organiser