Millions of people protest against Trump on his inauguration day

Tamil speaking people have also marched along hundreds of student, campaigns and activist against the racist and sexist Donald Trump on his inauguration day. Millions of people have been taking part in simultaneous protests organised across the Globe, with some countries holding marches and demo in all major cities.

In the US, a staggering 2.9 million people showed up to resist trump. Young students organised a walk-out and joined the thousands of workers marching on the street holding placards and raising slogans. Millions of ordinary people are coming out to re-iterating that Trump is not their president. A mass anger against this billionaire individual could be seen in these protests. As Trump assumed the title of the most powerful individual in the planet reports reveal that he is the worst approval rating for a president in recent times.

Just a day after his inauguration, history was made as more than three millions people have taken to the streets across the globe to protest against Trump in solidarity with the Women’s march in Washington. The march was organised by a spontaneous cry on social media quickly gained momentum and set new record of turnout for protest.

The reaction of Donald Trump winning the presidential election was felt like a massive shock with its effect still echoing. On the eve of the result day tens of thousands came out to set the record straight, that ordinarily people, working class and students did not want Donald Trump. What they all wanted was a president that would represent their interest and implement policies such as more homes, free national healthcare, etc. Unfortunately, the long winded US presidential election process did not in the end provide them with a real choice.

Earlier last year, millions and millions of people have come together and rallies and supported Bernie Sanders – the candidate that run for the Democratic. His first day campaign received more than 100,000 signatures. Students and young workers flooded the streets in support of him. It was a mass movement that left the world in shock.

Bernie Sanders movement was a grassroots movement of behind his policies of free education, a living wage, creating jobs, for affordable housing, etc. It enthused millions of people to take part in politics. He was very different to the other billionaire politicians – he was a socialist who is echoing the feeling of the movement: that enough is enough, we need change. For the ordinary people, young workers and students that were thirsting for an alternative – he was a beacon of hope.

Unfortunately, he was stuck in the prison of the democratic structure and the state used all its tools to prevent him getting nominated. When Bernie Sanders lost the primary election and Hilary Clinton became the candidate for the Democratic Party – the choice was narrowed down to ‘No choice’.

Donald Trump was not elected by the majority; in fact he won the Electoral College despite losing the poplar votes by over 2.9 million. This Electoral College system (a way for choosing the president) was introduced by the state to maintain its control – for them to have a say on who gets nominated.

However, Donald Trump victory is not just down to this ancient system, in some parts of the US, especially in sates deserted by the government, these forgot people and some workers did vote for Donald Trump.  They did so not because they hated migrants or women but did so hearing the fake promise of Jobs that Donald Trump campaigned on. These populist policies did get a response but failure by Trump to keep these promises will cause a reaction. The truth the people in the US were not given a real choice.

During the two horse-races to the white house, it was hard to say who the most unpopular candidate was. Both the democratic and republican candidates and their parties have a long standing record of policies against the interest of ordinarily people. It is therefore not a surprise that over 40% of people in the US have not voted including approximately 117 million people who are eligible to voters. No real choice was offered to the people.

Donald Trump is a business man, born and brought up as a billionaire. The 17 new members that he appointed in his cabinet own as much wealth as 43 million US households income combined. Trump and his government are as far away as possible from ordinary people and their policies are going to reflect the same.

Tamil speaking people must unite with other millions of people around the world to oppose this hated man. Trump is not our representation and would not share our interest. He will not stand up for our rights. Let’s unite with our real allies – the millions protesting against him – and organise together to win our rights.