Message of Support for Solidarity Day – John McDonnell MP

“I send you all my support and solidarity.

I am unable to be with you in person because I am in Liverpool at the TUC.

However I am firmly with you in spirit.

Solidarity Day is a great initiative.

It enables us all to display our solidarity with all those that are campaigning for truth, peace and justice in Sri Lanka.

We must never forget the suffering of the Tamil people in their struggle for peace and self-determination.

It is critically important that we continue to demand an independent inquiry into the massacres and human rights abuses perpetrated against the Tamils so that we can bring to justice the perpetrators of these barbaric crimes.

We must also recognise that we have a responsibility as trade unions to represent and promote the wellbeing of the thousands of Tamil workers that have settled in this country and who are making such a valuable contribution to our community.

We will not stand by and allow discrimination against Tamils to go unchallenged.

We can succeed if we work and campaign together.

That is why joining a trade union is so important.

By joining a trade union we gain strength from one another.

We have a number of trade union slogans that teach us about solidarity.

One of these slogans is “Unity is Strength.”

Let us work in unity to further the cause of the Tamil People.


John McDonnell MP