Peoples’ Council Launches 1st November 2022

Movement for People’s Councils (MPC) in Sri Lanka will officially launching its program Tomorrow 1st November 2022 in Sri Lanka.

The Peoples’ Councils is intended to be local councils consisting of people who represents all sections of the local community.  These councils will discuss and identify the needs of the people and work towards addressing them.

The Peoples’ Councils will be formed throughout Sri Lanka so that the people can have a voice in their society and not be reliant on the whims of the corrupt political class and the state military apparatus.

This is an initiative by the youth of the Aragalaya, continuing the struggle for democracy, freedom and human rights.

To get involve contact us: or please call us on 07908050217

Live stream of the launch event will be shown on our Facebook page

Peoples’ Councils for the people of Sri Lanka to have a voice.