Don’t let Facebook silence campaigners -Please promote Tamil Solidarity page FB now

Is Facebook collaborating with the war criminals in the Sri Lankan military? Let’s resist!

In 2009 the Sri Lankan regime launched an all-out attack on the Tamil-speaking minority on the island. In the genocidal slaughter that took place it is estimated that up to 100,000 men, women and children were killed, including when the military bombed Red Cross centres. Human rights bodies have produced stacks of evidence on this.

To this day thousands remain in secret detention centres and the fight for justice must go on. Many of those who committed war crimes in 2009 remain within the Sri Lankan defence ministry, secret service and military. We have a serious suspicion that they are organising on social media such as Facebook to ban campaigns like Tamil Solidarity.

Since the Tamil Solidarity-led February 4th protests outside the Sri Lankan High Commission in London an organised attack has been launched against us. At that protest a Sri Lankan Brigadier made throat cutting gestures at protesters. A mass outcry followed on social media and he was suspended – only to be reinstated apparently through the intervention of the President!
The Tamil Solidarity Facebook page – through this campaign was largely organised – was shut down with no notice, no chance to defend ourselves, no explanation. It has been a valuable place for us to build the campaign.

Individuals have also been targeted in this campaign of intimidation. Many TS members received death threats, their pages and personal profiles have come under attack. Some are blocked. We note that young people trying to organise against state repression in places like Kashmir and Turkey have also suffered from Facebook shutdowns.

We are determined to campaign against Facebook’s undemocratic actions. Will you help us fight this silencing of our struggle? Who will be next if Facebook get away with this?
Meanwhile we are asking everyone to like our new page and support us in whatever way you can.

We will not be silenced.
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