Defend the right to protest – release all political prisoners

Tamil Solidarity demand the release of all protesters arrested in Tamil Nadu, India, for organising a peaceful vigil on 21st may in commemoration of genocidal slaughter that took place in Sri Lanka in 2009. We demand the release of Thirumurugan Ghandhi, leader of May 17 movement. Thiru has been actively campaigning against the continuous state repression and fighting for the rights of the Tamil-speaking people.

Thirumurugan and four other activists have been falsely charged under the notorious Goonda Act by the Tamil Nadu police. Many workers leaders and protesters arrested under this draconian law were still held in prison. This authoritarian law grants power to the police to make random arrest of protesters without any specific charge, and hold them at least for a year without giving them any right to attorney or any similar assistance.

Across India, there is a growing opposition to the state oppressive policies that are resulting in numerous protests and demonstrations. We also saw millions of people mainly young taking part in the Jalikkaddu protests. See the article ( These and many more movements like that shows the unpopularity of the Indian government that is pushing policies against the interest of working people. To counter this growing opposition state is resorting to increasingly repressive measures.

The arrest of Thirumurugan Ghandi and others are a direct attack by the state on right to protest. We condemn this and call on all activists, campaigners and human right organisations in India, Sri Lanka and around the world to come forward to oppose the draconian law and the arrests.

We support the initiate is being taken in Tamil Nadu demanding the right to protest and the release of all political prisoners.

Tamil solidarity demands:

  • Immediate release of all political activist
  • Public enquiry into the action of the Tamil Nadu police
  • Defend the right to protest