Corbyn suspension – a witch hunt against the left

Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the Labour party, had been suspended from labour party membership for saying that anti-Semitism within the party has been ‘dramatically overstated for political reasons’. He has broken no law and always opposed anti-Semitism.

Report by Bharathi

Tamil Solidarity condemns this direct attack on Corbyn, who’s a lifelong anti-racist, and stood up for refugees and human rights across the world. Corbyn had been a tireless activist and voice defending Tamil people and their right to self-determination in Sri Lanka. Here in Britain he has also criticised attacks on immigrants and refugees. Just at the start of last week Corbyn released a video criticising Priti Patel’s anti-immigration laws and attacks on refugees and immigrants at the Conservative party online conference.

During this leadership and 2019 snap election Corbyn campaigned for an increased minimum wage of workers, lifting the pay freeze for public sector workers and creating more jobs. He stands for free education for all, including university that needs to be free, not the £9.000+ fees and living loans that students have to take out and be burdened with huge amounts of debts for the rest of their lives. These policies, including building more affordable housing would drastically improve the lives of Tamils in Britain and others from migrant communities.

Instead the “anaconda strategy” is used to strangle the left as whole. False accusation of “Anti-Semitism” has been used by right wing of the labour to attack Corbyn, to undermine his leadership in the past and now to get rid of or side-line the left. Racism, however, is prevalent among Tories and Blue labour. Nothing had been done over the years to address this. Socialist and the left have a long record of standing up to racism and fighting to change the conditions that breed racism. Accusation of “anti-Semitism” against Corbyn and the left in reality is also a cover up for attacking anyone for criticizing the Israeli state who in no way defends the rights of the ordinary Jewish people. We stand in solidarity with Jewish people and Palestinian people. Tamil solidarity defends the two states solution for Israel and Palestine.

Israeli state had committed heinous crimes against poor Jews, Palestinians and have helped various dictatorial regimes in the world. They have also trained Sri Lankan military that in turn put that training to use against Tamils killing tens of thousands. Furthermore there is also an accusation that Israel air force themselves were directly involved in flying fighter jets over Tamil areas and killing many innocent Tamils.

British government is also complicit in committing crimes against Tamils. Their involvement during the Eelam war during the Labour government also stands exposed. Phil Miller’s book ‘Keenie Meenie’ and his previous writings have brought into the spotlight various evidence in relation to UK government involvement in committing war crimes resulting in loss of many innocent lives. The British government recently decided to destroy many historical evidences. Tamil solidarity demands that all the documents related to British involvement to be published immediately. Like the Israeli state that try to turn all criticism against them as “anti-samite” through their powerful lobby, the Sri Lankan government also counter their critic by labelling them as “terrorists” – “Anti Sinhala” – “LTTE sympathisers” etc. This is far from the truth. We stand by the oppressed Sinhala workers and students in Sri Lanka and have continuously protested and organised any attack on rights of these and other oppressed sections in Sri Lanka.

The hypocrisy is rife. Whilst MPs who had voted for war, anti-union laws, and against anti-racism laws are allowed to stay within the Labour party.  What is evident is that there is a difference in approach – The labour leadership is showing that they are not on the side of youth, workers and oppressed communities.

In previous statements Tamil solidarity have warned in Corbyn’s leadership elections that Labour has two parties in one. Tamil Solidary supported Corbyn policies and argued that actions should be taken against the right to strengthen Corbyn position. Many MPs from the labour party had used every opportunity they could get to slander Corbyn in the party and in the media.

Labour party was built by workers and oppressed sections to be a platform for their voice and represent their interests. This very party is now supporting war, increasing tuition fees and is responsible for attacks on refugees’, workers’ and students’ living conditions. This Labour party is the party that supplied weapons to the war criminal Rajapakse and previous repressive Sri Lankan governments. Let’s not forget, that it was also the Labour government in 2009 who did nothing to stop the genocide of thousands of Tamils. They do not represent our interest. We need a party and the leadership that can represent us. Tamil solidarity will continue to work with unions, socialists and other fighting forces to build a mass party to represent the interests of black and Asian communities and all the exploited in Britain.

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