Call for protest on the 7th of may 2019


The re-trial of Brigadier Fernando has been set for the 7th of May 2019. Tamil Solidarity once again calls on all its members, protesters and activists from various Diaspora to join hands to show the Government of Sri Lanka that the Tamils living in Great Britain will not be silenced by death threats.

Tamil solidarity has also learnt from the previous hearing that the GOSL is on a witch hunt through its diplomats to gather as much Intel on protesters and activists to be passed to the security forces of Sri Lanka, thereby threatening the whole process of right to protest.

Tamil solidarity demands that the Brigadier be arrested for his crimes against the protesters that were committed on the 4th of February 2018.

TS also demands that all war criminals be tried for their crimes and to deliver justice to the many victims who have been denied justice thus far.

TS also asks the British Government to cease providing assistance to Sri Lankan armed forces who themselves may be complicit of war crimes.

TS also demands the British Government to close all detention centres and instead provide adequate employment and training opportunities for asylum seekers and refugees without condemning them to further humiliation and heartache through detention.

TS demands the British Government to immediately publish the details of the information that have been destroyed by the Home office on the Tamil files.

Finally keep the NHS and Education free for all.

Tamil solidarity is a political campaign that is building an independent political force to strengthen the fight back of Tamil speaking people. If you agree with our demands, please join the fight back by joining Tamil Solidarity or speak with one of our activists on the day.