Protest against COP26 and Gotabaya

Tamil Solidarity calls on all within the Sri Lankan diaspora to protest against the Cop26 conference. We need a solution to the climate crisis but we can have no faith in this gathering of representatives of big business and dictatorial regimes. The solution will come from the solidarity of ordinary people uniting to overcome division and instead collaborate in the global action needed to save humanity.

We support the Tamil diaspora protest against the visit of the Sri Lankan president to this conference and urge everyone to take part in the protest.

The current president Gotabaya Rajapaksa is accused of war crimes and he should be arrested on his arrival. He has recently set up a “task force” to enforce “one country, one law”, denying the rights of the Tamil and other minorities.

He has appointed a known racist monk to head this work. The right-wing Buddhist monk Gnanasara Thero is well-known for spreading hatred against Tamils and Muslims. He is also convicted of being in contempt to court and has several cases still pending against him for his violent activities and hate speeches. The president released him from prison and appointed him to enforce “one country” in the latest attack on all minorities in Sri Lanka.

Gnanasara Thero is also head of an extremist group called Bodu Bala Sena (BBS). Gotabaya recently declared that he is president for the Sinhala people and not president for all. Freedom of speech and many democratic rights are all under attack by the current regime. This government also banned a number of diaspora organisations and political activists.

Tamil Solidarity calls on all the workers, youth and activists to come together to end this dictatorial regime. We also reject the willingness of some of the so-called Tamil leaders who want to “engage” and negotiate with this regime. The Tamil diaspora and the Tamils inside Sri Lanka have rejected the current regime. Those who want to “engage” with the Sri Lankan government and their allies are betraying the interests of the Tamil masses and Tamil Solidarity strongly condemns this.

Tamil Solidarity invites everyone who defends the rights of minorities and opposes this brutal dictatorial regime to take part in its contingent on the London demo on 6 November, part of the global day of action.

TS invites everyone to take part in the global day of action against climate change on the 6th of November.

Saturday 6th November
St Mary, Moorfields, 4-5 Eldon Street, London EC2M7LS
From 11 am.
Nearby station Liverpool street
Contact – Mathan 07454 471030

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