37th Black July Commemoration

A protest was held outside the Sri lankan High commision yesterday on the 23rd of July 2020 to mark the anniversary of the July 1983 pogrom – an organised attack by the elite – not a spontaneous ethnic riot.


The 1983 pogroms stand as a stark moment in the history of Sri Lankan politics. Much myth-making has surrounded the events – mainly invented by the right-wing politicians who were the architects of the violence. Understanding the true processes that took place is key to building a strong resistance to the current dictatorial regime. Here we publish an account based on thorough research into the facts.

(read the article here – http://tamilsolidarity.org/1983-pogrom-and-the-beginning-of-civil-war-2/)


Oppression of Tamil speaking people in Sri Lanka is continuing and worsening by the appointment of Gotabaya Rajapaksa. It has been 37 years since Black July, it has been over a decade since the Mullivaikal massacre; yet there has not been an ounce of truth, accountability or justice. Mass movement is needed on a united programme  to get rid of Rajapaksa and Co and to fight for the right to self-determination of the Tamil speaking people in Sri Lanka. 




photo credits: TGTE media, Ethir, Tamil Struggles, TGTE facebook