UN anti-racism and Tories’ divisive policies between workers and migrants.

UN anti-racism demo called in London Portland Place on 18th March.

Data indicates that black and Asian populations, especially the working- class and the poor, are the most directly affected by racial attacks. BAME workers, in particular, face increased discrimination, racism, and poverty. The Struggle against racism has erupted among working-class young people around the world.

Police brutality, The police killed 135 African Americans in the first half of 2015. The killing of George Floyd sparked the movement of Black Lives Matter. It has been very inspiring and shows the drive to fight against racism and for a better society for all. 

The London Metropolitan Police, the original police force, was created in 1829 by Robert Peel – then Tory home secretary – to quell riots and put down the strikes of the organised industrial working class.

While much has changed since then, the vital link between capitalism, imperialism, racism and policing has continued. Then, the EU’s first uniformed police force was established to police borders. Today, some of the most violent forms of policing occur at borders, as seen when Spanish police killed 23 migrants at the Morocco border. 

The capitalist states use today’s police to oppress and protect the property of the capitalist class and maintain their desired societal order.

Stop and searches in central London when protests take place, the tactic to deliberately target demonstrators. Except in special circumstances, stop and search can be used only for a handful of specific reasons, mostly covering drugs, weapons and stolen goods, suggesting, according to activists, that police are stretching the limits of their powers.

Stop and search, Asian people faced an 84% increase, black people a 51% increase, searches of “other” ethnic groups rose 36% and white people faced a 24% increase. Despite government initiatives to counter racism in the police.

Tories’ divisive policies – Using it as a tool to divide workers and immigrants and also, Using immigrants to blame for the economic crisis. Immigrants should not be blamed for lowering wages, attacks on NHS and other services and economic misery in general. Instead, capitalists and their policies are to be blamed. Especially, This time, workers are on strike and fighting for a pay rise. 

Migrants entering the UK illegally on small boats will be detained and “swiftly removed” under the new legislation, Suella Braverman has said.

Deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda is the government’s hostile, racist immigration policy.

Nobody wants to see people risking their lives in the dangerous channel crossings but, These victims of capitalist war and misery – make an incredible journey to reach the UK to seek safety and comfort will be flown away 4000 miles again into the misery that exists in Rwanda or other third country. The Tories determined to create the most racist immigration control that Britain ever had – this is only for victims of misery that they helped to create across the world, not for millionaires and billionaires.

We don’t fight racism with racism- fight with solidarity. The struggle of immigrant workers and refugees should be linked up with other workers. Immigration is often used to lower wages for all and justify attacks on services. Immigrants are scapegoated for every problem in society.

Given the racist language and policies coming from some MPs.

We says, need to change the system including who represent this racial systerm and need to bring in to the power who is represent anti-racist policies, Build a united working-class struggle for jobs, homes, and services for all, For councils to set no-cuts budgets based on what our community needs – not what the Tories want to give us, Defend the right to asylum – with democratic community control of emergency funding and resources. No to racist immigration laws, No more austerity – reject council cuts and tax rises on workers, Nationalise rail, mail, energy, utilities and the banks under democratic working-class control and management, with compensation only on the basis of proven need – nothing for the fat cats, Take the wealth off the super-rich. For a socialist alternative to capitalism’s poverty and crisis.

There are many workers and trade unions also joining the demo on Saturday 18th March. If you would like to get more information about the demo please contact Tamil Solidarity.

You can’t have capitalism without racism!!! – Malcolm X